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Autographed Sanke Card Nr 372 - Leutnant Gustav Leffers

Autographed Sanke Card Nr 372 - Leutnant Gustav Leffers

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This autographed Sanke Card Nr 372 captures the essence of Leutnant Gustav Leffers (1895-1916), an early war pilot with a remarkable legacy. Leffers achieved nine victories in his career and was posthumously awarded the Pour le Mérite after his eighth triumph. Tragically, his life was cut short in combat in 1916.

The card portrays Leutnant Gustav Leffers standing proudly in his uniform and visor cap, showcasing a snapshot of a moment in history. Adorning his tunic are the 1914 Iron Cross 1st Class and the Prussian pilot badge, offering a glimpse into his achievements before being honored with the Pour le Mérite. The absence of the PLM indicates that the photo was taken before the prestigious award.

Preserved in mint condition, this autographed Sanke Card Nr 372 is not just a historical artifact but a poignant tribute to a pilot who made a significant impact during the early years of World War I. Originating from the collection of a dedicated collector in Berlin and recently offered to us by his daughter, this card is a rare and cherished piece of aviation history. Capture the spirit of Leutnant Gustav Leffers' legacy with this meticulously preserved autographed Sanke Card, a compelling addition to any aviation enthusiast or collector's showcase.

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