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Autographed Sanke Card Nr 402 - Oberleutnant Rudolf Berthold

Autographed Sanke Card Nr 402 - Oberleutnant Rudolf Berthold

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Dive into history with our Autographed Sanke Card Nr 402 featuring Oberleutnant Rudolf Berthold, one of WWI's most distinguished German aces. Berthold's legacy is woven with remarkable feats, serving in Jastas 4, 14, and 18, commanding Jagdgruppe Nr 7 and Jagdgeschwader II. His story is one of resilience, as he continued to fly despite sustaining severe injuries to his arm.

A true hero, Berthold became the tenth pilot to receive the Pour le Mérite in 1916 after his eighth victory, ultimately achieving an impressive forty-four victories. Surviving the war, he later commanded a Freikorps unit, meeting a tragic end when shot and killed by a mob. His decorations, including the Pour le Mérite, were shockingly found in the garbage.

This autographed Sanke Card captures Oberleutnant Rudolf Berthold in a candid moment, seated outdoors, holding a dog in one hand and a swagger stick in the other. Adorned in uniform, including the visor cap, his tunic proudly displays the 1914 Iron Cross 1st Class, Prussian pilot badge, and the Pour le Mérite. Berthold's large and distinctive signature in black ink adds a personal touch to this historic photograph.

Preserved in mint condition and never housed in an album, this card comes from the esteemed collection of a Berlin-based collector and has been recently offered to us by his daughter. Don't miss the chance to own a piece of aviation history with this Autographed Sanke Card of Oberleutnant Rudolf Berthold. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Happy collecting!

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