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Autographed Sanke Card Nr 535 - Leutnant Hermann Göring

Autographed Sanke Card Nr 535 - Leutnant Hermann Göring

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Step into the cockpit of history with our rare Autographed Sanke Card Nr 535 featuring Leutnant Hermann Göring. This war-time gem captures a pivotal figure who would later become a prominent and controversial figure in history.

Hermann Göring, born in 1893, entered pilot training in 1916 and served in Jastas 5, 26, and 27. Despite being a Bavarian by birth, he was awarded the prestigious Pour le Mérite, showcasing his exceptional contributions to aerial combat. With a total of twenty-two victories, Göring's legacy in World War I is noteworthy.

This mint-condition Sanke card, seemingly removed from an album, presents Göring in the cockpit of an airplane, donning the old-style helmet. The attention to detail in the cockpit and machine guns is exceptional, providing a captivating glimpse into the early days of aviation warfare. Göring's signature, a characteristic of his early autographs, simply features his last name.

This major find comes from the esteemed collection of a Berlin-based collector and has been recently offered to us by his daughter. Don't miss the opportunity to own a piece of aviation and historical significance with this Autographed Sanke Card of Leutnant Hermann Göring.

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