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Derrittmeister Militaria

Exquisite Baden One-Year-Volunteer Officer Pickelhaube | Rare 1890-1897 Period

Exquisite Baden One-Year-Volunteer Officer Pickelhaube | Rare 1890-1897 Period

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Unveil a treasure from the past - a fine example of a One-Year-Volunteer's pickelhaube, meticulously crafted for Dragoner-Regiments Nr 20, Nr 21, and Nr 22. Hailing from the Grand Duchy of Baden, this remarkable helmet boasts an intriguing history and exceptional quality, making it an invaluable addition to any esteemed collection.

The three renowned Dragoner-Regiments, 1. Badisches Leib-Dragoner-Regiment Nr 20, 2. Badisches Dragoner-Regiment Nr 21, and 3. Badisches Dragoner-Regiment Prinz Karl Nr 22, formed Baden's entire Kavallerie contingent and were attached to the XIV. Armeekorps. Our offering features a very fine officer's pickelhaube from one of these esteemed regiments, boasting a squared-off front visor, unique to Dragoner helmets throughout Germany.

Crafted with utmost care, this pickelhaube showcases a leather body in great condition, despite some minor cracking due to age. The exquisite silver furniture, including the wappen, cruciform, spike, and trim, exudes a marvelous patina, adding a touch of elegance. A notable exception lies in the gilt-toned chin scales and officer stars, reflecting the officer's preference for this otherwise officer-level pickelhaube.

Delving into the helmet's history, we find a single Baden officer's kokarde on the right side, suggesting its manufacture and use prior to 1897. Baden's national colors of red and gold adorn the kokarde, boasting an elegant pattern shared by select states, including Saxony, Württemberg, and Hesse-Darmstadt.

Inside, a handsome leather sweatband ensures comfort and durability. The brown silk liner, though complete, bears some signs of wear, indicative of its age. Notably, the wappen's attachment with a leather thong further indicates its association with a One-Year-Volunteer.

As pioneers of the finest spiked helmets, or pickelhauben, Der Rittmeister Militaria holds steadfast to our commitment to ORIGINALITY, AUTHENTICITY, CONDITION, and QUALITY. Each pickelhaube is meticulously selected to offer collectors helmets that exceed expectations.

Discover the allure of this historical gem - a One-Year-Volunteer Officer Pickelhaube representing a bygone era of exceptional craftsmanship and valued heritage. Embrace a piece of history today.

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