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Bavaria Germany Photograph Felix von Bothmer and Hans Ritter von Hemmer Autographed by Both

Bavaria Germany Photograph Felix von Bothmer and Hans Ritter von Hemmer Autographed by Both

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Felix Graf von Bothmer (1852-1937) was a distinguished Bavarian general in the Imperial German Army during World War I. Known for his strategic acumen, von Bothmer played crucial roles in several key battles, particularly on the Eastern Front. He was instrumental in the Battle of Zborov and the defense of the Carpathian Mountains, earning numerous decorations, including the Pour le Mérite with Oak Leaves.

Hans Ritter von Hemmer (1869-1937) served as von Bothmer's Chief of General Staff. His contributions were vital in planning and executing military strategies that led to significant successes for the Bavarian forces. Von Hemmer's collaboration with von Bothmer was marked by mutual respect and effective teamwork.

This historical photograph, captured during a pivotal period, depicts General Felix Graf von Bothmer and Oberstleutnant Hans Ritter von Hemmer in a formal setting. Both figures are in full military attire, showcasing their distinguished ranks and decorations.

Physical Description:

  • Photograph: This sepia-toned photograph shows both officers standing by a table, engaged in discussion. The clarity of the image highlights their uniforms and insignia in detail.
  • Autographs: The autographs of both von Bothmer and von Hemmer are prominently featured. Von Bothmer's signature is on the left side of the photograph, while von Hemmer's is on the right. Both signatures are clear and bold, adding significant value to the item.

Condition Notes:

  • The photograph is in excellent condition, with minor wear around the edges that does not detract from its overall appearance. The back of the photograph contains handwritten notes and a signature dated 1919, providing additional historical context.

Cultural Connection:

This photograph holds immense value for collectors and enthusiasts of military history, particularly those interested in Imperial Germany and World War I. The collaboration between von Bothmer and von Hemmer is a testament to the strategic depth of the Bavarian military efforts during the war. This item is not only a piece of history but also a symbol of the era's military camaraderie and excellence.

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