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Derrittmeister Militaria

Germany Postcard and Letter Signed by Dietrich von Roeder

Germany Postcard and Letter Signed by Dietrich von Roeder

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This remarkable piece includes both a postcard and a letter signed by General Major Dietrich von Roeder. The postcard features an authentic signature on the back, and the accompanying letter, dated April 21, 1919, offers a touching message of condolence.

Postcard Description:

The postcard depicts General Major Dietrich von Roeder along with a group of soldiers, showcasing the era's military uniforms and insignia. The sepia-toned photograph captures a moment of camaraderie among the officers, likely taken during World War I. The back of the postcard includes a handwritten note and the signature of Dietrich von Roeder, adding to its historical value.

Translation of the Letter:

Magdeburg, 21 April 1919

My dear Mr. Paul Baer!

Our dear Lord has taken the child of the village pastor to himself; I deeply mourn with you. But it was His will and must be obeyed. With all my heart, I hope that our King, God, will mercifully take care of you and your dear ones.

With kind regards,
D. von Roeder
General Major

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This postcard and letter are not only significant collectibles but also offer a poignant glimpse into the personal communications of a notable military figure from the Imperial German era.

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