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Bavaria Pickelhaube / Spiked Helmet for Officer in Infanterie Lieb Rgt

Bavaria Pickelhaube / Spiked Helmet for Officer in Infanterie Lieb Rgt

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Stunning Officer pickelhaube from the Infanterie-Leib-Regiment, which was the premiere infantry regiment from the Kingdom of Bavaria. This regiment would have been the equivalent of the 1st Garde-Regiment zu Fuß from Prussia. the Infanterie-Leib-Regiment was founded 1814 in Munich and was attached to the Bavarian I. Armee-Korps. It was considered the King’s own regiment.

This pickelhaube has a super leather body with nearly no blemishes. There are a couple of small areas where the leather has been lightly scratched but there are no gouges or missing areas of leather. It really is amazing. The front visor is squared as is true of all Bavarian pickelhauben.

All of the furniture is silver toned which is unique to infantry regiments. This includes the wappen which is beautifully frosted (A real plus and very distinctive), chin scales, cruciform, pearl ring, trim, and fluted spike which is quite tall. Most of the officers in the regiment came from royal or noble backgrounds. The original officers taste reflects this background. The final detail to the obverse are the Reich and State kokarden. The Bavarian kokarde has a slight loss of paint.

Turning to the interior, we find that it is nothing short of MINT. The brown leather sweat band which has “Depaheg Patent” and either a coach or chariot imprinted in gold and the silk liner are perfect.

Under the silk liner we see all of the original hardware. There are no extra holes where the wappen has been mounted.

This is a 100% original spike helmet which is in stellar condition.

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