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Derrittmeister Militaria

Bavaria Pickelhaube / Spiked Helmet for Officer in Reserve Infantry

Bavaria Pickelhaube / Spiked Helmet for Officer in Reserve Infantry

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 This is a very fine example of a reserve officer from a line infantry regiment from the kingdom of Bavaria. The leather body is in excellent condition with but a small scar or two which is not really detractive to the overall condition. The leather body is as close to mint as you will find in a one hundred plus year old spike helmet. This spike helmet would date from the period of 1900-1910 and is definitely of pre WW I quality. The front visor is squared as is correct in all Bavarian helmets.

All of the fitting of the helmet to include visor and rear trim, wappen, cruciform, officer stars, pearl ring, and ultra-tall fluted spike are made of brass. The wappen shows the reserve officer cross in excellent detail. The crown is voided as is correct for an officer wappen. The correct officer Bavarian state and Reich kokarden are in place.

Inside the helmet, we see a finely conditioned dark leather sweatband which is manufacturer hallmarked. Attached to the leather sweatband is a complete gold (?) Ribbed silk liner with no damage at all. As we peek under the silk liner we see 100% of the original hardware. There are NO double holes.

Also included is the officer canvas foul weather cover which was used in rainy or snowy weather. Also a part of this grouping is the transport case. There are none of the leather attachment straps present. Nor is there any lining of the interior. The transport case is nothing more than a shell. Having said that with the inclusion of the foul weather cover and the transport case, this explains the fine condition of the pickelhaube and they also make a nice addition to the overall presentation of the helmet.

This is a 100% original spike helmet in outstanding condition that has not been jiggered with.

It is a consignment item.

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