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Bavaria Promotion Patent for Officer signed by King Ludwig I 1827

Bavaria Promotion Patent for Officer signed by King Ludwig I 1827

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Signed officer promotion patent signed by King Ludwig I of Bavaria (1786-1868) was the second King of Bavaria from 1825 to 1848 when he was forced to abdicate because of repressive rules that he instituted.

This is a very formal document which was presented to an army officer in 1827.

The document has been framed in a modern day frame which it can be easily removed from. Approximately 2/3's of the way down is a paper seal which has the coat of arms of Bavaria impressed on the paper. To the left of it is a fairly small signature for Ludwig I.

Above this is the formal information of the officer being promoted and the regiment to which he had been assigned. At the bottom of the document we see some of the same information repeated from the body of the document along with the signatures of several court officials. Primary among them is the signature of the King’s General-Secretary.

Being nearly two hundred years old the document is in amazing condition. It was folded in half at some point but that in no way affects the ability to see every detail of this historic document.

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