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Bavarian Schirmmütze / Visor Cap for Officer in Infanterie

Bavarian Schirmmütze / Visor Cap for Officer in Infanterie

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This officer cap for the Kingdom of Bavaria infanterie during wartime is a testament to its high-quality materials. The feldgrau wool used suggests that it was likely made during the early to mid-war period. The cap features a wide red band that with a single narrow red band at the top, and a well-maintained black visor. The Bavarian state and reich kokarden complete the exterior design.

Looking at the interior, the cap has a brown leather sweatband that remains complete and in place, but shows signs of substantial age and cracking from dryness and aging. Attached to the sweatband is a complete black liner, though it has a small tear. Despite the age, the overall condition of the cap is fine, with only one moth nip on the top and a hint of moth tracking on the top, as well as a small moth nip on the side. Feldgrau caps have become increasingly rare, making this cap a remarkable find.


The Kingdom of Bavaria was a member state of the German Empire during the First World War. It was ruled by the Wittelsbach dynasty, and its capital was Munich.

During the war, Bavaria contributed significantly to the German war effort. Its army, the Bavarian Army, fought on several fronts, including the Western Front and the Eastern Front. The Bavarian Army consisted of a mix of infantry, cavalry, and artillery units. Many Bavarian soldiers were decorated for their bravery in battle, and some became famous for their actions, such as the fighter pilot Manfred von Richthofen, also known as the "Red Baron."

Bavaria also played a role in the German war economy, with many factories producing weapons, ammunition, and other supplies for the military. However, the war took a toll on the kingdom, as it did on all the countries involved. The economy suffered, and many Bavarians lost their lives in battle.

After the war, Bavaria became a republic, known as the Free State of Bavaria. It was a part of the Weimar Republic until the rise of the Nazi party and the establishment of the Third Reich.

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