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Braunschweig - Order of the Henry Lion Ehrenzeichen - 1st Class

Braunschweig - Order of the Henry Lion Ehrenzeichen - 1st Class

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Discover an exquisite piece of history in the form of the Braunschweig Order of the Henry Lion Ehrenzeichen - 1st Class. This circular silver medal, adorned with the utmost precision, bears the distinguished mark of Duke Wilhelm's crowned cipher, elegantly encircled by an oak wreath, all presented with an eye for detail that captures the essence of this rare honor.

This remarkable medal includes a loop designed for ribbon suspension, ensuring that it can be proudly displayed as a symbol of distinction. The accompanying ribbon is authentically crafted, featuring red edges adorned with distinctive yellow stripes. The overall presentation of this piece is not only exquisite but also historically accurate.

This offering stands as an excellent example of a coveted and infrequently encountered award. It serves as a testament to the dedication and loyalty of its recipients, having been bestowed for long and faithful service.

Historical Insights:

The Order of the Henry Lion Ehrenzeichen has deep roots in Braunschweig's history, having been founded on 25 April 1834 by Grand Duke Wilhelm in honor of his grandfather, Karl Wilhelm Ferdinand. In 1903, the silver honor award, such as the one presented here, was introduced to commemorate individuals for their extended and devoted service.

Remarkably, this distinguished award ceased to be issued in 1918, with only a limited number of 1,804 decorations ever being granted. Its rarity and historical significance make it a prized addition to any collector's repertoire, offering a tangible connection to the legacy of Braunschweig and its tradition of honoring long-serving individuals.

At our establishment, dedicated to showcasing high-end, original military artifacts, we take pride in presenting pieces like this, which not only embody historical prestige but also tell a compelling story of dedication and honor. Don't miss this opportunity to acquire a piece of Braunschweig's rich history and heritage.


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