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Braunschweig Pickelhaube / Spiked Helmet for Reserve Officer in Landwehr Infantry Rgt NR 92

Braunschweig Pickelhaube / Spiked Helmet for Reserve Officer in Landwehr Infantry Rgt NR 92

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Extremely rare Landwehr Reserve officer pickelhaube from Infanterie-Regiment Nr 92 from the Duchy of Braunschweig. This small duchy fielded only one infantry regiment the famed Infanterie-Regiment Nr 92.

Let us explore Landwehr Officers and why the helmets did not have the Peninsula banner attached to them.  We found everything we needed to know researching the book Casques A Pointe by Jean Louis Larcade Volume 1 page 72.  In our research we discovered that the Landwehr did not wear the honor banner the way the rest of the Rgt did.  

Infanterie-Regiment 92 fought with distinction in both the Peninsular Campaign under Wellington and the Battles at and around Waterloo during the Napoleonic wars again under Wellington and on both the Western and the Eastern fronts during WWI. Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 92 was garrisoned at the capital city of Braunschweig.

The wappen features the Heraldic style Eagle, a skull,and crossbones covering the eagle's chest (There is no FWR monogram on the eagle’s chest.) 

In 1909 the entire regiment was informally authorized to wear it in honor of the 100th anniversary of the regiment's founding. The Official date for wear of this plate was January 27, 1912. This helmet plate was worn by only 0.3% of the Imperial German Army in August of 1914. The eagle is found in only one size and was worn with a Reich and a Braunschweig Kockarde. (Blue/Yellow/Blue)

There were two styles of the Skull and Crossed Bones devices. The Officer’s version was more three dimensional with a pronounced fore-head. The EM’s device was flatter and less pronounced.

While the wappen is important to this helmet, there is much more. This is a gorgeous helmet. It is one of those that you dream about. The helmet body is made of vulcan fiber board and has a high black luster. This is quite rare and gives the helmet a high gloss finish that gives it an almost patent leather appearance. It is solid and shows no damage. It is probably from the 1913-1915 period because of the bayonet style mounting of the removable spike.

The interior is the standard officer’s silk liner with slight signs of use, but no tears or shredding. The metal fittings are all brass and the skull and crossed bones are silver and beautifully vaulted.

The helmet is for a Landwehr officer and carries the correct Landwehr Cross with the inscription “Mit Gott für Fürst und Vaterland. We particularly like the Landwehr Officer helmets because they add an additional piece of information about the helmet and its owner.

When researching them in the Rangliste, there are fewer officers listed, thus a rarer helmet. We leave this research to the new owner if he so chooses.

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