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Braunschweig Pickelhaube / Spiked Helmet for Reserve Officer in Infanterie Rgt 92 Bataillone I and II

Braunschweig Pickelhaube / Spiked Helmet for Reserve Officer in Infanterie Rgt 92 Bataillone I and II

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One of the most popular pickelhauben is for the Duchy of Braunschweig’s Infanterie-Regiment Nr 92. This popularity stems from their use of massive Totenköpfe (Death’s Heads) that appear superimposed over their Prussian-style wappens. [PLEASE NOTE: the Totenkopf appeared on only four regiments’ headdresses. These were the 92’s sister unit, Husaren-Regiment Nr 17 (also from Braunschweig), along with the Kingdom of Prussia’s Husaren-Regiments Nr 1 and Nr 2].

This Totenkopf had NOT always appeared on all Braunschweig pickelhauben. Up until 1912 (1909 was the 100th anniversary of the regiment and many members started wearing the totenkopf at this point), one of the regiment’s Bataillone (Leib Battalion Nr III) had employed a beautiful, enameled wappen that featured the profile of Braunschweig’s iconic horse, while Bataillone Nr I and Nr II displayed the Totenkopf. After 1912 all Braunschweig Bataillone converted to the Totenkopf.

[Many of these earlier helmets converted their “horse” wappens into Totenköpfe, which is why so few “horse” wappens still exist. That said, we have a simply gorgeous 92nd Infanterie-Regiment “horse” wappen on offer elsewhere].

This particular helmet dates back prior to 1897. Its exterior surface is very clean and supple. The few scuff marks present are quite modest. As the helmet is a MINIMUM of one-hundred-twenty-years-old, its leather exterior is simply gorgeous.

The bulk of its furniture is brass, including its wappen, flat chin scales, front and rear trim, base, officers’ stars, and spike (the spike is much taller than the average spike). 

The only NON brass items are the silver Totenkopf that bedecks the brass wappen. It features black velvet behind its eye sockets, which lends it a sinister appearance. A sliver Reserve Officer’s Cross sits below the jaw with the banner for Peninsula underlaid.

As this spiked helmet is for a Reserve Officer, its wappen lacks the legend “Für Fürst und Vaterland” that would be present for regular Army Officers.

The Reserve Officer’s Cross is one of the finest I have ever seen (as is correct, the “Für Fürst und Vaterland” legend appears here).

The exterior’s final details are the State’s and Reich’s Kokarden (I find the Braunschweig kokarde’s combination of blue and gold particularly pleasing).

The interior features a leather liner with the squared-off petals that were worn by officers until the late 1890’s and was a matter of choice by the wearer (when silk became the fabric of choice for officers’ helmets).

I date the helmet to the 1893-1897 period.

The interior’s hardware reveals NO double holes. The hardware is all original, with the exception of one mismatched washer.

We are quite excited to offer you this helmet.

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