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Braunschweig Schirmmutze for Officer in Infanterie Rgt NR 92

Braunschweig Schirmmutze for Officer in Infanterie Rgt NR 92

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This schirmütze is for an officer in Braunschweigisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr 92 from the Duchy of Braunschweig. This regiment was formed in 1809 and fought in the Peninsula campaign along with other German contingents under the command of the Duke of Wellington from Great Britain with British troops. This regiment later was granted a bandeau which proclaimed “Peninsula” along with a totenkopf for two of three of its bataillones. Later all three bataillones would wear the totenkopf on their pickelhauben. The regiment was founded in 1809 and was garrisoned in the capital city of Braunschweig where it was attached to the Prussian X. Armeekorps.

This is an outstanding example of this schirmmütze.

  • The main body of the cap is a dark blue.
  • On the top of the cap there are four small scattered areas of moth tracking.
  • There are a further two small areas on the sides.
  • There is a wide band of red wool around the cap.
  • In the center of the cap we see the Reich kokarde and the state kokarde for Braunschweig.
  • In the center we see a silver toned Totenkopf emblematic of this regiment.
  • The schirmmütze has a black visor.

This completes the description of the exterior.

Turning to the interior:

  • We see a small paper tag which is partially torn.
  • This tag clearly states that the schirmütze is for Infanterie-Regiment Nr 92.
  • The owners name is partially seen but the first portion of his name. Whether this was done on purpose or accidentally we can not say.
  • There is a complete but well worn brown leather sweatband.
  • Under that there is also a complete silk liner.
  • There are perspiration stains on the silk liner.
  • Along with the previously described paper tag, there is silver embossing for the firm that sold the cap.

In conclusion this is a high quality schirmmütze which will make for a wonderful addition to any collection.

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