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Braunschweig War Merit Cross 1914 - Embrace the Spirit of Valor

Braunschweig War Merit Cross 1914 - Embrace the Spirit of Valor

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Step into the spirit of valor with the prestigious Braunschweig War Merit Cross, also known as the Ernst-Augustkreuz, a distinguished military decoration of the Duchy of Brunswick. Established on 23 October 1914 by Duke Ernest Augustus, this cross honors those who displayed exceptional distinction in war, capturing the gallantry and dedication of soldiers from all ranks.

Product Details:

  • Braunschweig War Merit Cross 1914 - 2nd Class
  • Military Cross
  • Bronze Cross, Duke Ernest Augustus Initials (EA), Sprays of Oak Leaves, Brunswick Crown, Date 1914, Inscription "Für Verdienst im Kriege" (For Merit in War)
  • Spirit of Valor, Historic Military Decoration

Historical Facts: The Braunschweig War Merit Cross, instituted by Duke Ernest Augustus, symbolized the bravery and meritorious service of individuals during World War I. On 20 March 1918, a first class of the Cross was introduced in pinback form, elevating the existing Cross to the 2nd class. It was awarded on different ribbons - a blue and yellow-striped ribbon for combatants and a yellow and blue-striped ribbon for non-combatants.

Research Sources: To ensure the accuracy of this description, extensive research was conducted using reputable sources and historical archives. For more information about the Braunschweig War Merit Cross and its historical significance in the Duchy of Brunswick, please refer to the following external links:

  1. Duchy of Brunswick Historical Archive
  2. Imperial German Awards

A Testament of Valor: This beautifully preserved bronze cross, bearing the initials "EA" for Duke Ernest Augustus, pays tribute to the courageous acts and valor displayed during the tumultuous era of World War I.

Elegant Design: Sprays of oak leaves grace the horizontal arms, while the Brunswick crown adorns the top arm, evoking a sense of regal honor and achievement.

For Merit in War: The reverse inscription "Für Verdienst im Kriege" (For Merit in War) exemplifies the unwavering dedication and service rendered during the challenging times of war.

Preserving History: For collectors, enthusiasts, and museum curators, this cross encapsulates the legacy of valor, preserving the memory of those who served with distinction.

Embrace the spirit of valor with the Braunschweig War Merit Cross 1914 - 2nd Class, a timeless tribute to the gallantry and sacrifice of the past. Immerse yourself in the history of the Duchy of Brunswick, celebrating the heroism of individuals who proudly wore this emblem of honor.


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