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Commemorative Marine-Infanterie-Regiment Nr I Plate

Commemorative Marine-Infanterie-Regiment Nr I Plate

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This exquisite commemorative plate stands as a testament to the rich history of the Imperial German Navy's Marine Infanterie-Regiment Nr 1. Measuring X" in diameter, this plate not only serves as a decorative piece but also encapsulates the significant historical events surrounding the regiment.

Before World War I, the Imperial German Navy boasted three distinct units (Bataillones) stationed at key ports, including Wilhelmshaven, Kiel, and in China. These units undertook vital roles such as shipboard security, embassy security, and other tasks in German territories. As the war unfolded, the German-based units expanded, transforming into multiple Divisions encompassing infantry, artillery, and associated arms. The naval air arm also played a pivotal role, with several squadrons in action.

Crafted in white and two shades of blue, the plate features the prominent inscription "Marine-Inf.Rgt. Nr I" at the top. In the center, a grand Hohenzollern crown is flanked by crossed anchors and an "I" below, all encircled by a wreath carrying the regimental designation. Notably, small banners gracefully detail the regiment's involvement in significant battles, including Ypren, Somme, Lombardsyde, Antwerpen, Siegfriedetellung, Bapaume, Albert, and Goldkapelle.

The reverse of the plate reveals a built-in hanger, allowing it to be proudly displayed on a wall. While the manufacturer remains undisclosed, the plate showcases meticulous craftsmanship and is in impeccable condition, free from any chipping. Dive into the historical legacy of Marine Infanterie-Regiment Nr 1 with this remarkable commemorative plate that narrates tales of bravery and valor on land and sea.

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