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German Iron Cross 1813 2nd Class with 25 year Oak Leaves and spange

German Iron Cross 1813 2nd Class with 25 year Oak Leaves and spange

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Delve into the rich history of German military decorations with this extraordinary German Iron Cross 1870 2nd Class, adorned with 25-year oak leaves and an Iron Cross Spange. This remarkable piece represents a fusion of historical significance and exquisite craftsmanship, embodying the valor and service of a bygone era. Here are the compelling details:

  • Design: The German Iron Cross 1870 2nd Class is a testament to military honor. It features the iconic black cross with a silver beaded border, a design emblematic of courage and patriotism. In the center, the year "W" commemorates the Franco-Prussian War when this medal was first awarded.

  • 25-Year Oak Leaves: What makes this piece even more exceptional is the inclusion of 25-year oak leaves. These oak leaves, often bestowed upon long-serving veterans, signify a quarter-century of dedicated military service, commitment, and unwavering loyalty.

  • Iron Cross Spange: Adding to its historical significance, this Iron Cross comes with an Iron Cross Spange. The Spange is a coveted attachment that indicates additional acts of bravery or service, making this piece a testament to the wearer's extraordinary achievements and contributions.

  • All Original: This German Iron Cross, along with the 25-year oak leaves and Iron Cross Spange, is presented in its original, unaltered condition. This authenticity preserves the integrity of the piece, ensuring that it stands as a genuine relic of its time.

Don't miss this chance to acquire an authentic piece of German military history that encapsulates dedication, valor, and a profound sense of duty. Whether you're an avid collector or an enthusiast of military memorabilia, this German Iron Cross 1870 2nd Class with 25-year oak leaves and an Iron Cross Spange is a treasure worthy of admiration and reverence.

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