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Derrittmeister Militaria

German Navy Frock Coat for Kapitän-leutnante

German Navy Frock Coat for Kapitän-leutnante

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Introducing our extraordinary Navy Frock Coat, believed to have been part of a remarkable pair of tunics belonging to the same officer, specifically an Kapitän-leutnante.

This pair of tunics possesses numerous intriguing features. First, let us focus on the frock coat, which the officer would have worn more frequently. The Naval frock coat exhibits a longer length, extending down the body akin to an überrock on an army tunic, reaching approximately the wearer's knees. Crafted from top-tier dark blue wool, this coat showcases a double row of brass buttons, five on each side, embellished with a fouled anchor and the Prussian crown. It is important to note that Reichsmarine and Kriegsmarine buttons do not feature the crown. The shoulder boards are intricately sewn into the tunic, each adorned with the double pips indicative of an Kapitän-leutnante. Additionally, a smaller brass button is attached to each shoulder board. On the cuff of each sleeve, a double row of bullion further confirms the rank of an Kapitän-leutnante. Just above the upper bullion stripe, a bullion Prussian crown is elegantly displayed, a significant detail often absent in other tunics. Notably, a small metal clip is present where the officer belt, whether for dress or daily wear, would have been inserted, an element rarely seen.

The reverse side of the tunic features a large vent flap with a double row of three substantial brass buttons on each side. Returning to the front of the tunic, we encounter several crucial details. Three horizontal sewn-in loops, designed to accommodate a ribbon bar. Below these loops, two pairs of sewn-in loops are visible. It is highly probable that one pair was intended for a 1914 Iron Cross 1st Class, while the other pair may have held a Navy wound badge or an equivalent Iron Cross-type award from another state. For illustrative purposes, we will display the tunic with an Iron Cross 1st Class and an equivalent award from Oldenburg. Please note that these items are for illustration only and are not included with the tunic. If you are interested in obtaining a pair, we would be delighted to assist you.

The tunic's interior boasts a complete and exquisite black silk liner of the utmost quality. Near the neck, a tailor label from a distinguished "House Provider" catches the eye, signifying their service to royalty and other officers. The firm maintained offices in both Kiel and Wilhelmshaven.

Regarding its condition, the frock coat remains nearly unchanged since its initial construction. We have observed no evidence of mothing, a remarkable preservation considering its age of over one hundred years. 

If you have an interest in acquiring both tunics, we are delighted to offer a special price (SKU 15-803 and 15-804).

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