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Imperial German Navy Deck Officer Visor Cap - Winter Version - Zeppelin

Imperial German Navy Deck Officer Visor Cap - Winter Version - Zeppelin

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Unearth a treasure trove of history with our Imperial German Navy Deck Officer Visor Cap - a rarity from the distinguished collection of one of the world's foremost Zeppelin and aviation enthusiasts. This exceptional cap offers a portal into a bygone era, showcasing the significance of Naval Deck Officers during a crucial period in military aviation.

History Unveiled: The original owner's prestigious collection included numerous army Ehrenbechers and Navy Ehrenpreises, along with one of the ultra-rare Navy Zeppelin Ehrenbechers—awarded for a special mission over England. This unparalleled provenance establishes this cap as a truly special find, rarely offered to collectors.

Deck Officer Significance: A Deck Officer, akin to a Warrant Officer in the American military, held a pivotal role, just one step below a Naval Ensign or a Second Lieutenant. Serving with seniority and experience, they directly supervised NCOs and Enlisted Men, both aboard ships and on land.

Zeppelin Connection: What sets this cap apart is its connection to a Navy Zeppelin, a testament to the vital role Deck Officers played in the airship fleet. Zeppelin crews faced daunting challenges, and surviving missions led to prestigious awards, such as the 1914 Iron Cross 1st and 2nd Class.

Distinctive Cap Features: The cap's exterior boasts a remarkable Deck Officer Abzeichen with four "Z's," signifying a minimum of four Zeppelin missions. The "V" denotes missions of valor or special accomplishment. The large, detailed cap badge, with slightly tarnished bullion, is a testament to the owner's commendable service. The bullion Reichs kokarde and elegant tall structure further distinguish this cap.

Impeccable Condition: Preserved in near-original condition, this cap showcases a complete chin strap, silver-crowned buttons with a fouled anchor, and a tall, impressive structure. The interior features a pristine black silk liner and a well-preserved brown leather sweatband.

A Rare Gem: Deck Officer visor caps are already scarce, but this Zeppelin-affiliated specimen is unparalleled. Acquiring it from our source, who has never seen its equal, required considerable effort. This cap stands as one of the rarest visor caps we've offered, transcending even those from royalty and nobility. Dive into the detailed photographs and absorb the rich history encapsulated in this crown jewel of naval memorabilia.

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