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Prussia Picklehaube / Spiked Helmet for a General ala Suite or Flugeladjutant

Prussia Picklehaube / Spiked Helmet for a General ala Suite or Flugeladjutant

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Prussian General à la Suite or Flügeladjutant pickelhaube. The role of the Imperial German Army General à la Suite was an interesting one. Officers of this type were typically royals or nobles who did NOT have a direct field command. Instead, they were appointed to the à la Suite group based on their birth rather than their military ability. In addition to being more of an honorary officer, they often served their sovereign as a Flügeladjutant. In the Prussian Army, a line or serving General Offizier wore a helmet that had all-gilt furniture, as well as a squared, front visor. The à la Suite General’s had all-silver furniture, with the exception of its gilt-toned officers’ stars.

The helmet’s leather body is very good, overall. It reveals only a few minor age lines. The helmet’s centerpiece is its Grenadier-style wappen, featuring the ultra widespread wings of the Prussian Eagle. Its wings are so wide that they reach the kokarden’s midpoint. NO other wappen is this wide! A silver sunburst that is superimposed over the Garde Star (composed of black, gold, and white enamel) is centered on the Eagle’s chest. The Garde Star shines like a beacon against the silver background. Please note the Eagle’s simply stunning patina. Every facet of the detailing to the Eagle’s feathers, head, crown, etcetera is absolutely striking.

As previously mentioned, the front visor is squared. The cruciform, especially due to its gold officers’ stars, really stands out. The fluted spike is quite tall (its owner had a real sense of style). The exterior’s final details are the Prussian State’s and Reich’s kokarden.

The interior sports a well used, brown, leather sweatband. A rust-colored, ribbed, silk liner is attached to the sweatband. While the liner shows some light wear, it remains obvious that the helmet was definitely worn. ALL of the original hardware appears under the silk liner, with NO signs of double holes. It is a refreshing, all-original pickelhaube that is in very fine condition.

The threading on the spike base has been striped and the spike is held on by a new nut.

This is a consignment item.

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