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Exquisite Baden Pickelhaube - Officer of the Line Infanterie-Regiment

Exquisite Baden Pickelhaube - Officer of the Line Infanterie-Regiment

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Imperial German Officer's Pickelhaube - Embrace the Legacy of the Line Infanterie-Regiment

Take a step back in time with this extraordinary officer's pickelhaube from the Grand Duchy of Baden's Line Infanterie-Regiment. Immerse yourself in the rich history of the Imperial German Army and World War I with this remarkable artifact, crafted with precision and care, making it a coveted piece for historical collectors, military enthusiasts, and reenactors alike.

Key Features:

Name: Imperial German Officer's Pickelhaube
Type: Historical Militaria Collectible
Origin: Grand Duchy of Baden
Regiment: Line Infanterie-Regiment
Unique Selling Points: Fully original relic with remarkable condition, adorned with splendid gilt fittings and captivating kokarden.

Historical Significance:
The Grand Duchy of Baden played a significant role in the Imperial German Army, standing as one of the formidable forces alongside Prussia, Württemberg, Saxony, and Bavaria. Within its ranks, the 1. Badisches Leib-Grenadier-Regiment Nr 109 emerged as one of the most elite units, celebrated for their courage and valor on the battlefield. This pickelhaube originates from the esteemed Line Infanterie-Regiment, one of eight line-regiments established before the outbreak of WWI.

Exquisite Craftsmanship:
Carefully preserved with only faint traces of age, the leather body of this pickelhaube showcases the mastery of historical craftsmanship. Splendidly gilt fittings, including an ornate wappen and elegant chin scales, exude regal allure, reflecting the status of an officer. The state and Reich's kokarden, each possessing distinct charm, add an extra touch of elegance to this historical artifact.

Delve inside the helmet to discover a meticulously preserved brown leather sweatband and a captivating green silk liner woven with a finer pattern, transporting you to the era of Imperial Germany and WWI. The wappen, firmly secured with its original two holes, authenticates the helmet's historical integrity, giving you a tangible connection to the past.

To ensure the accuracy of this description, we meticulously researched historical archives and reputable sources, enabling us to provide an engaging and informative account of this pickelhaube's historical significance.

Owning this fully original relic of the Duchy of Baden presents an exceptional opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts to possess a treasured piece of history. Despite its priceless value, it is available at a price that belies its true worth, making it an enticing addition to your collection or a meaningful gift for fellow history buffs and military enthusiasts.

Capture the legacy of the Line Infanterie-Regiment and immerse yourself in the history of Imperial German and WWI Militaria with this exquisite spike helmet. Don't miss the chance to own a piece of rare military history - purchase this Imperial German officer's pickelhaube today!
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