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Garde du Corps Regiment Identified Black Küraß

Garde du Corps Regiment Identified Black Küraß

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Unlock a hidden chapter of history with our extraordinary Garde du Corps Regiment Identified Black Küraß. This remarkable piece of military heritage sheds light on a lesser-known facet of the renowned regiment's history.

A Tale of Two Küraßes:

Contrary to common knowledge, the Garde du Corps Regiment boasted not one but two distinctive küraßes. While their primary choice for most occasions featured a resplendent gold tone with silver trim, a unique and rare black küraß also graced their ranks. This black küraß bore a significant historical significance that stretches back to the Napoleonic wars.

A Symbol of Prussian-Russian Unity:

During the tumultuous Napoleonic wars, Prussia and Russia stood shoulder to shoulder as allies against the formidable Napoleon. In a gesture of friendship and gratitude to their Prussian counterparts, Tsar Alexander I (1777-1825) bestowed upon all members of the Garde du Corps Regiment a special black küraß. As the years passed and the Napoleonic wars receded into history, this black küraß was reserved for a singular annual occasion - the Spring Parade.

Exquisite Details:

This black küraß featured striking red corded trim along its edges, adding a regal contrast to its dark facade. Notably, it boasts intricate gold straps on the rear, reminiscent of the scaled chinstraps found on a pickelhaube helmet, serving to connect the two halves.

A Glimpse into the Past:

Delving into the inner recesses of this küraß, we find a treasure trove of historical markings. The padded cotton protector on the front half bears a series of depot markings, meticulously regimentally and date marked. The date stamp of 1897 hints at a longstanding connection to the regiment, possibly spanning until at least 1912. The initials "LE" offer a compelling clue - they signify membership in the esteemed Leib Eskadron, the regiment's most prestigious unit, responsible for accompanying the Kaiser and displaying his standard. Additionally, the name "P. Runge" graces the interior, providing a key to further research into this individual's military career.

Commemorating a Century:

Adorning the front of the küraß is the emblem authorized in 1912, a poignant tribute to the period spanning 1812-1912 and the enduring legacy of the Napoleonic wars.

A Living Artifact:

While this küraß bears some minor areas of paint loss on the front, it stands as a remarkable testament to its century-old history. Its rarity and significance make it a unique find for collectors and history enthusiasts alike, offering a tangible connection to an era of valor and camaraderie.

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to own a piece of military history, the Garde du Corps Regiment Identified Black Küraß, and embark on a journey through time. Act swiftly, as such remarkable artifacts are seldom encountered.

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