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Garde-Kuraßier-Regiment Parade Pickelhaube

Garde-Kuraßier-Regiment Parade Pickelhaube

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Behold the "Garde-Kuraßier-Regiment Parade Pickelhaube" - A Stunning Relic of Prussian Military Tradition

Step into the grandeur of Prussian military history with our remarkable Garde-Kuraßier-Regiment Parade Pickelhaube. This meticulously preserved piece represents a unique fusion of tradition and functionality, designed for the prestigious regiments of the Prussian army.

A Tale of Two Regiments:

This extraordinary helmet was worn by not one, but two esteemed Prussian regiments—the Garde du Corps Regiment and the Garde-Kuraßier-Regiment, both distinguished Kuraßier units. Crafted from gold-toned Tombac, these helmets were near-identical in design, with the exception of their interior regimental markings. Their shared heritage symbolizes the honor and nobility associated with Kuraßier-Regiments.

Historical Protection:

One of the standout features of these helmets is the distinctive lobstertail rear visor, originally designed during the Napoleonic era to shield the necks of soldiers from saber strikes. This practical design element blends seamlessly with the helmet's regal appearance.

Regal Insignia:

Each helmet proudly sported a silver sunburst adorned with a meticulously painted Hohenzollern Eagle for enlisted men. Additionally, they featured brass chinscales and imposing State and Reich kokarden for enlisted personnel.

Versatile Presentation:

This remarkable helmet, in its parade configuration, boasts a grand and awe-inspiring Hohenzollern Eagle perched atop a crown. When not set for parade duty, it can be effortlessly transformed using the included brass spike, affixed with the same screws. This versatility allows the new owner to display this piece in the manner that suits their preference.

Impeccable Interior:

Inside the helmet, a complete enlisted man's leather sweatband stands as a testament to its original craftsmanship. Though lacking only the leather sizing thong, this well-preserved interior also reveals regimental markings specific to the Garde-Kuraßier-Regiment,

Aged Elegance:

The exterior of the helmet showcases a captivating patina, a testament to its storied past. While minor dimpling may be observed on the surface, the overall condition of the helmet is more than acceptable, preserving its charm and character.

This Garde-Kuraßier-Regiment Parade Pickelhaube is a rare find, encapsulating the spirit of Prussian military tradition and craftsmanship. Whether displayed in its parade glory or with the spike, it serves as a stunning tribute to a bygone era of valor and regal splendor. Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of history.

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