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Genuine Walter Schott U-Boot Kriegsabzeichen

Genuine Walter Schott U-Boot Kriegsabzeichen

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Offering a rare and genuine collector's item, the Walter Schott U-Boot Kriegsabzeichen. This listing is exceptional because, as avid collectors know, Walter Schott U-Boot badges are often avoided due to the prevalence of fakes. However, we are pleased to assure you that this particular piece is an authentic Walter Schott U-Boot Kriegsabzeichen.

First authorized on 1 February 1918, the U-Boot badge held a significant place in naval history. It required participants to complete two war patrols, a challenging feat considering the severe losses U-Boots faced during the war. Notably, the distribution of these badges continued after the war's end, and many wartime-awarded badges were purchased, especially by officers. Walter Schott, the renowned manufacturer, began producing U-Boot badges post-war, contributing to their collectible status.

Acquired from a highly knowledgeable and advanced collector, this badge boasts a heavy patina, signifying honest age and adding character to its appearance. The detailed Hohenzollern crown atop the badge further enhances its historical charm.

Examining the reverse, a flat pin and remnants of the original bright gilt can be observed, especially around the edges. The hallmarking "Walter Schott fec" at the bottom of the badge attests to its authenticity.

For collectors seeking a genuine Walter Schott U-Boot badge, this is a rare opportunity. With a stamp of approval from a seasoned collector, this badge stands as a fine example of craftsmanship and history. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of naval heritage with this authentic Walter Schott U-Boot Kriegsabzeichen.

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