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Derrittmeister Militaria

German Iron Cross 1914 Hallmarked "KO" in presentation case

German Iron Cross 1914 Hallmarked "KO" in presentation case

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During World War I, approximately 400,000 Iron Cross 1st Classes were awarded. The majority of these prestigious medals were produced in Stuttgart by the renowned firm "KO." However, many recipients of the Iron Cross 1st Class chose to privately purchase alternative versions of the medal. These variations included vaulted crosses, screw back designs, and those with a silver content of .800 or higher. In some cases, they even acquired a smaller version known as the Prinzengroße.

The example we present today is an original award Iron Cross manufactured by "KO." This particular Iron Cross features a flat design. Although the obverse paint exhibits some minor flaws such as scratches or minor missing paint, it still retains an impressive rating of 90%. The reverse side of the cross showcases a stunning mirrored finish. The cross is equipped with a sturdy pin and catch, and just below the catch, you can find the distinctive hallmarking of "KO."

The Iron Cross is accompanied by its correct presentation case, which is crafted from leatherette. The lid of the case displays a gold-toned image of an Iron Cross, adding to its aesthetic appeal. Upon opening the case, you will find a beautifully white silk lining on the upper lid, while the bottom half features a fitted area designed to securely hold the pin and allow the cross to rest elegantly. The base of the case is adorned with a deep and exquisite purple velvet.

This extraordinary piece represents an authentic 1914 Iron Cross 1st Class, complete with its original presentation case. It serves as a remarkable artifact, offering a glimpse into the historical significance of the German Iron Cross during World War I.

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