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Derrittmeister Militaria

German Navy Wound Badge 1st class

German Navy Wound Badge 1st class

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Our product is a gold Navy Wound Badge, which has a rich history behind it. The German Navy Wound Badge was established in June 1918, a few months after the Army Wound Badge was introduced in March 1918. Both badges were created to honor and recognize the bravery of soldiers who were injured in combat during World War I.

The German Navy Wound Badge was awarded in three classes, with the 1st Class being gold, the 2nd Class being silver, and the 3rd Class being black. Each class was awarded for a specific number of wounds, with the higher classes being awarded for more severe injuries.

Our offering is the 1st Class in gold, and would have been awarded to sailors and naval personnel who sustained serious wounds in combat. The badge has been stamped and exhibits honest wear on the obverse, while the reverse features its original coke bottle, private purchase pin.

Overall, this badge is in excellent condition, and serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by members of the German Navy during World War I.

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