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Derrittmeister Militaria

German Pre WWI General Officer Trousers

German Pre WWI General Officer Trousers

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Discover a rare and exceptional find in the realm of military collectibles—the Pre-World War I General Officer Trousers. These trousers are the perfect complement to General officer tunics, completing an impressive and authentic display.

Crafted from the finest quality black wool, these trousers exude elegance and sophistication. Running down each side are two wide red stripes. Nestled between the wider stripes is a narrow stripe, creating a striking visual contrast. Notably, generous deep pockets adorn each side, offering ample space for storing essential items such as cigar cases, matches, and papers. Additionally, two buttons on each side, adorned with manufacturer hallmarking, serve as attachment points for suspenders—an exquisite detail that showcases meticulous craftsmanship. The trousers are securely fastened with a small belt and buckle, ensuring a perfect fit.

These trousers boast precise tailoring and proportions. Inside, a black silk lining adds a touch of luxury, while two white silk panels provide additional elegance. A fine black and white silk liner adorns the waist, offering a refined finishing touch. At the back of the trousers, a clip, button, and flap work harmoniously to ensure a secure and polished fit.

The condition of these trousers is excellent, exhibiting no signs of mothing or damage. They are 100% complete with all the correct attachments, further enhancing their rarity and value. This represents a remarkable opportunity to complete your General officer tunic display, as finding a pair in better condition would be a challenging endeavor. We are proud to offer these General officer trousers, marking the first time we have had the privilege to present such a rare and sought-after item.

Embrace the historical significance and add this extraordinary piece to your collection—a testament to the refined style and impeccable attention to detail of the era.

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