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German Southwest Africa Enlisted Man/NCO Tunic - Post WWI Era

German Southwest Africa Enlisted Man/NCO Tunic - Post WWI Era

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This exceptional tunic, once worn by a German Enlisted Man/NCO, hails from the historically significant Colony of German Southwest Africa. This region, often overshadowed by the larger and more productive German East Africa, was a critical site of colonial activity and native resistance during and post World War I.

Design & Features:

  • Fabric & Color: Crafted from a camel tan wide wale corduroy, the tunic's fabric is richly textured with vertical lines, providing a unique and distinguished appearance.
  • Button Details: Adorning the tunic is a single row of gilt buttons featuring the Hohenzollern crown, a distinct feature of Colonial uniforms. The four pockets—two breast and two hip—are each secured with matching Hohenzollern buttons.
  • Loop Configurations: The tunic features two sets of sewn-in loops on either side. The left side has five loops measuring 5.5 inches in width, while the right side has two loops of 2 inches each. This unusual dual-loop configuration highlights the soldier's numerous wartime and postwar accolades.
  • Awards & Decorations: Additional loops near the left breast pocket suggest space for prestigious awards, such as a 1914 Iron Cross 1st Class, or other state or wound badges. The presence of multiple loops indicates a soldier with a notable military career.
  • Shoulder Straps & Aiguillette: The tunic includes finely matched Enlisted Man/NCO shoulder straps, with the left strap adorned with an impressive aiguillette. The straps are sewn on one side and secured with smaller Hohenzollern buttons.
  • Reverse Details: Two larger Hohenzollern buttons on the reverse add a decorative touch to the tunic.
  • Southern Cross Patch: A significant addition to the tunic is the Southern Cross patch on the left sleeve. Added in the 1930s, this patch features a shield with a cross, three quarters white and one quarter red with five stars, reflecting the Third Reich's influence.

Historical Context:
This tunic's journey from German Southwest Africa to its updated form in the 1930s under the Third Reich raises intriguing questions about its original wearer and subsequent use in veteran groups or post-war acquisitions.

The tunic is in remarkable condition, with no additional lining to the interior, maintaining its originality and authenticity.

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