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German Waffenrock for a Leutnant in Garde Kurassier Rgt

German Waffenrock for a Leutnant in Garde Kurassier Rgt

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Officers and men of the Garde-Kürassier-Regiment wore two distinctly different tunics, the Koller and the Waffenrock. The Koller was white and was worn for high dress occasions. The Waffenrock was dunkel blau and was worn for more every day occasions. It was also worn in parade configuration with epaulets as opposed with shoulder boards for undress occasions.

Finely conditioned Waffenrock to parade for a Leutnant in the Garde-Kürassier-Regiment. This regiment was raised in 1815 and was garrisoned in Berlin where it like all Garde-Regiments was attached to the Garde-Korps.

The tunic is made of a high quality dark blue wool. It has eight silver toned buttons down the center. The collar of this tunic shares the unique aspect of the Koller. It has a light blue underlay upon which we see a rich silver bullion tape. The Lieutenant epaulets have a silver toned moon and silver bullion tape. The top is white felt and the underlay is a light blue which matches the underlay of the collar. The epaulets are secured by two silver toned buttons.

The final detail to the tunic is a four place medal bar. In my opinion it is not original to the tunic and the former owner put it on to “dress up” the tunic. This is borne out as one of the medals is the Hindenburg Cross for Combatants which was not awarded until 1934 after the death of Paul von Hindenburg. Having said that, the medal bar is in excellent condition, both the medals and the ribbons. While the medal bar is not original to the tunic, it is a $400.00 value. So you may leave it on the Waffenrock or take it off as you please.

From left to right we see:

1914 Iron Cross 2nd Class - Prussia
1914 War Service Cross 2nd Class - Braunschweig.
Hindenburg Cross with Swords for Combatant.
Officers Long Service Cross for Fifteen Years of Service - Prussia.

The reverse of the tunic has another four silver toned buttons. The interior of the tunic is in top condition and is white.

This is an amazing tunic in near mint condition and absolutely cannot be upgraded.

This tunic is a consignment item from a trusted consignor.

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