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Germany Postcard Felix Funke Autographed Admiral Imperial Germany

Germany Postcard Felix Funke Autographed Admiral Imperial Germany

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This rare and exquisite postcard features the autograph of Admiral Felix Funke, a prominent figure in Imperial Germany's naval history. Felix Funke served with distinction in the Imperial German Navy, earning recognition for his leadership and contributions. The postcard depicts Admiral Funke in full uniform, showcasing the prestigious decorations that highlight his service.

Detailed Description:

The postcard is a high-quality sepia-toned photograph, professionally taken by F. Urbahns, Hofphot. Kiel. The image captures Admiral Funke in a poised and dignified stance, with his signature clearly visible at the bottom right. This piece is an excellent addition for collectors interested in military history, especially those focusing on the naval operations of World War I and Imperial Germany.

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Historical Analysis:

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  2. Imperial War Museums
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This unique piece of history is perfect for collectors and historians alike, providing a tangible connection to the past and a distinguished figure in naval history.

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