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Derrittmeister Militaria

Germany Trench Art Ashtray and Lighter combination

Germany Trench Art Ashtray and Lighter combination

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This is an interesting ashtray suitable for use on a desk or table. The ashtray’s bottom has been cut from a brass cannon shell casings' bottom. It measures 3 ½” in diameter. Looking at the bottom, one can see where the firing pin would strike the shell, causing it to fire. The base measures 1 1/8″ tall.

Three small pieces of brass are mounted on the base, which permitted one to leave a cigarette in one when not in the smoker’s mouth. Extending upward from the shell casing’s bottom is a projectile that measures 1 3/16″ in diameter and 5 3/4″ in length. I simply do not know enough about artillery to speculate on the cannon’s size that was used for this piece. That said, the overall presentation is neatly done, and the final result is quite attractive.

The projectile’s tip comes off to reveal a lighter that has been built into the unit. A spark ignites when the wheel is clicked. Whether or not it will actually operate by adding lighter fluid, I cannot say. I will leave that for the new owner to determine.

We make NO guarantees that the lighter can be made functional.

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