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Derrittmeister Militaria

Identified Enlisted Man/NCO Navy Mütze - Winter Edition

Identified Enlisted Man/NCO Navy Mütze - Winter Edition

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Uncover a tangible piece of history with our Identified Enlisted Man/NCO Navy Mütze - Winter Edition. From the private collection of a zeppelin and aviation enthusiast, this captivating winter cap offers a glimpse into the fascinating world of Imperial German Navy aviation during a crucial period.

Adorned in a deep, dark blue, this Mütze proudly features a silver talley with the inscription "Marine - Luftschiff - Abteilung," immersing us in the pioneering days of naval airship divisions. The authentic kokarde of the Kaiserliche Marine further emphasizes the significance of this cap, reflecting the pride and dedication of those who served during this transformative time.

Explore the personal touch that makes this Mütze truly special. A high-quality brown leather sweatband and a lavish black silk liner signify not just functional elements but a commitment to craftsmanship. The small label inside, bearing the name "Warner," adds a personal dimension to the story. This Mütze was not a standard issue; it was a private purchase, symbolizing Warner's choice for a custom-fitted uniform—a stark departure from the mass-produced caps often poorly fitting sailors in that era.

Meticulously preserved, this Mütze is in mint condition, untouched since its acquisition. Absent of any moth tracking or nips, it carries an air of authenticity straight from the woodwork—a fresh discovery from a bygone era.

Own a piece of naval history with this exceptional Navy Mütze, representing the dedication and pride of those who served in the Imperial German Navy's airship divisions during a transformative period in military aviation. Don't miss this chance to connect with the past and add a unique chapter to your collection.

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