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MILITÄRPAß - Unterofficer Heefehen from Halberstadt, Prussia (1895)

MILITÄRPAß - Unterofficer Heefehen from Halberstadt, Prussia (1895)

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Step back in time to the pre-World War I era with this extraordinary MILITÄRPAß belonging to Underofficer Heefehen. This meticulously preserved document offers a captivating window into the military service of a dedicated soldier from Halberstadt, Prussia, born on October 9, 1873.

The MILITÄRPAß, or military passport, is a treasure trove of historical significance. It provides detailed insights into Unterofficer Heefehen's journey, offering valuable information such as his physical description, occupation, and personal details. Within its pages, you'll find records of his military career, including promotions, assignments, and any accolades earned during his service.

This MILITÄRPAß is a tangible connection to the rich heritage and importance of the German military during the late 19th century. It offers a unique glimpse into the life of a soldier in Halberstadt, Prussia, and showcases the dedication and sacrifice of individuals like Unterofficer Heefehen who proudly served their country.

Historical Facts:
Halberstadt, located in Prussia (now Germany), was a city with a long-standing military tradition. It was home to numerous regiments and played a crucial role in the military infrastructure of the region. Soldiers hailing from Halberstadt were known for their discipline, training, and commitment to duty.

During the late 19th century, Prussia was at the forefront of German military power, and its army was renowned for its organizational efficiency and military prowess. Unterofficer Heefehen, as reflected in his MILITÄRPAß, was part of this esteemed military culture, carrying out his duties with honor and dedication.

Owning this MILITÄRPAß allows you to own a piece of history and brings to life the personal story of Unterofficer Heefehen. It serves as a tangible reminder of the sacrifice and service of individuals who played a vital role in shaping the military landscape of pre-World War I Germany.


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