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Officer Busby - Husaren-Regiment Nr 10 - Prussia

Officer Busby - Husaren-Regiment Nr 10 - Prussia

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Explore Prussian Heritage: Delve into the regal history of Prussia with the Officer Busby, a high-quality headdress associated with Magdeburgisches Husaren-Regiment Nr 10. Formed during the Napoleonic wars in 1813, this regiment played a significant role and was stationed at Stendal, assigned to the IV. Armee-Korps.

Post-1912 Elegance: This officer busby stands as a post-1912 example, evident in the use of possum fur for the body—a change introduced in 1912 and utilized until the early stages of World War I. The possum fur remains in impeccable condition, full and undamaged. A brass bandeau proudly displays the motto "Mit Gott Für König und Vaterland" (With God for King and Fatherland). Brass chinscales and a Carmen (light pink) kolpak add to the elegance, while the single Reich kokarde and officer feldzeichen complete the exterior details.

Distinctive Features: The Carmen-colored kolpak serves as a distinctive identifier for the regiment. The Reich kokarde is appropriately positioned on the left, adhering to the post-1897 headdress tradition.

Interior Craftsmanship: Inside, a standard light brown sweatband provides comfort, complemented by a half-silk liner that modestly covers the bottom of the busby. Despite moderate soiling, the interior maintains its integrity.

Prussian Hussar Legacy: This busby represents more than just a piece of military regalia; it encapsulates the legacy of an old Prussian Hussar regiment. The craftsmanship and quality make it a marvelous and well-preserved example of Prussian military history.

An Excellent Headdress: In excellent condition, this Officer Busby stands as a testament to Prussia's military elegance and serves as a remarkable addition to any collection.

Own a Piece of Prussian History: Capture the essence of Prussian military heritage with this exquisite Officer Busby. Acquire a timeless artifact that not only reflects the craftsmanship of its time but also honors the regiments that contributed to Prussia's storied history. Don't miss the opportunity to bring this exceptional piece into your collection.

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