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Oldenburg Schirmmutze for Officer who was a Graf in Dragoner Rgt Nr 19

Oldenburg Schirmmutze for Officer who was a Graf in Dragoner Rgt Nr 19

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This is a top notch schirmmütze for a man who was a Graf in Oldenburgisches Dragoner-Regiment Nr 19. This regiment was raised in 1849 and was based in the capital city of this Grand Duchy and it was attached to the Prussian X. Armeekorps.

  • The caps body is a light blue.
  • It has a black visor.
  • It has a wide black band made of the highest quality velvet.
  • It is not only the band that is of high quality but all of the materials are high quality.
  • As this is a post 1897 schirmmütze we see the officer kokarden for the Reich and the state kokarde for Oldenburg.
  • We see very minor moth tracking on the top of the cap and at the sides which is not detractive to the overall presentation of the cap.

Turning to the interior of the schirmmütze,

  • We see what makes this a VERY special cap.
  • The interior of the cap has a white visor which is a sure sign of a royalty/nobility example.
  • The leather sweatband is a light brown and shows signs of wear.
  • On the sweatband there is embossing for the firm that produced the cap.
  • There is a silk liner which is complete and shows evidence of perspiration.
  • Towards the rear of the silk liner we see the rear “star” of this cap.
  • It is the seven pointed crown of a Graf (A five pointed crown would be for a Freiherr or Baron.
  • Beneath the crown we see the initials “C.E”.

A very quick peek at a Rangliste shows this man did indeed serve in the regiment. We leave to the new owner more detailed research as to more details on the owner.

This is an amazing schirmmütze and which ticks all the boxes for a highly ranked officer who served in the only cavalry regiment from this small Duchy in fine condition.

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