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Order of the Crown - Commander's Cross with Swords and Oak Leaves - Württemberg

Order of the Crown - Commander's Cross with Swords and Oak Leaves - Württemberg

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Seize the opportunity to own a piece of distinguished history with this exceptional Commander's Cross from the Order of the Crown of Württemberg. Featuring swords and oak leaves, this decoration is indicative of a higher award level, specifically acknowledging heroic efforts during World War I. Crafted from silver gilt rather than gold, this artifact maintains a luxurious appeal without the presence of a gold stamp or manufacturer's hallmark.

  • Exquisite Craftsmanship: Features unblemished white enamel arms with a striking black and gold enamel sunburst at the center, encircled by a gilt ring showcasing a red cross.
  • Symbolic Accents: Enhanced with gilt crossed swords piercing the center and topped with beautifully detailed gilt oak leaves connected by a small hanger.
  • Dimensions & Display: Accompanied by a magnificent original silk ribbon in white, bordered by thin stripes of yellow, red, and black—colors emblematic of Württemberg. A small black clip secures the ribbon for an elegant presentation.
  • Collector's Rarity: This rare and desirable decoration is not only a testament to historical valor but also a significant collector's item due to its rarity and high quality.

Historical Link: Explore the significance and historical context of the Order of the Crown of Württemberg here.

Modern Cultural Connection: Understand the lasting impact of military decorations on contemporary culture and their role in modern collectibles and memorabilia here.

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