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Original Autographed Photograph of General Karl, Ritter von Martini - Bavaria

Original Autographed Photograph of General Karl, Ritter von Martini - Bavaria

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Bavarian General der Infanterie has been identified as General Karl, Ritter von Martini. This original autographed photograph captures General von Martini, a highly decorated officer, wearing three prominent breast stars and a very high-level Bavarian neck order at his throat, signifying his distinguished service and rank.

At the outset of World War I, General von Martini commanded the II Bavarian Corps in the 6th Army of Prince Ruprecht. His stern and authoritative presence, along with the detailed decorations, captures the essence of a senior military officer from the Bavarian region during a significant period in history.

This intriguing photograph is mounted on a gray backing and includes a bold autograph in black ink at the bottom right, with his rank clearly visible. Preserved in excellent condition, it offers a rare glimpse into the life and achievements of General von Martini.

  • Historical Relevance: Commander of II Bavarian Corps, 6th Army of Prince Ruprecht
  • Awards: Multiple breast stars and a high-level Bavarian neck order
  • Appearance: Full uniform with numerous decorations
  • Condition: Excellent, mounted on gray backing

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Cultural Connection: The mystery and eventual identification of General von Martini add an element of intrigue, making this photograph an exciting piece for collectors and history enthusiasts alike. His distinguished appearance and decorations are reminiscent of characters in historical dramas and documentaries focusing on WWI.

Condition Notes: The photograph is in excellent condition with a bold signature and detailed depiction, mounted on gray backing. It provides a valuable addition to any collection of WWI memorabilia and holds the potential for further historical discovery.

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