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Original Photograph - Oswald Boelcke's Signature

Original Photograph - Oswald Boelcke's Signature

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Embrace History: Immerse yourself in a piece of aviation history with the Original Photograph featuring the autograph of Oswald Boelcke (1891-1916), the trailblazing German ace credited with forty victories before his tragic mid-air collision in October 1916.

Unique Backstory: This original photograph captures the tents used by Enlisted Men/NCOs at an airfield, offering a glimpse into the daily life of those who served during World War I. The interesting twist lies on the reverse, where Boelcke's signature in black ink graces the image. The story unfolds as a mechanic, armed only with this photograph, approached Boelcke, and the legendary ace graciously left his mark. An extra signature on the reverse, likely the recipient, adds another layer to this captivating piece of history.

Unprecedented Value: Boelcke's signatures on Sanke cards often command prices upwards of $1,500.00. This original photograph, coupled with its intriguing backstory, is value-priced, making it a rare and accessible relic for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Excellent Condition: Preserved in excellent condition, this photograph measures X" x X". Its timeless appeal and connection to one of the foremost figures in aviation history make it a truly remarkable find.

Own a Piece of Aviation Heritage: Capture the essence of World War I aviation with this unique and value-priced original photograph bearing Oswald Boelcke's signature. This artifact not only commemorates a legendary ace but also brings to life the personal interactions of those who served during this pivotal era. Don't miss the opportunity to own this extraordinary piece of history.

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