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Prussia / Bavaria Carafe for Generalleutnant Hermann von Kuhl

Prussia / Bavaria Carafe for Generalleutnant Hermann von Kuhl

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This is a most interesting glass carafe which was given to Generalleutnant Hermann von Kuhl by his staff. It is finely made, measuring 10 inches tall and 4 1/2 inches wide.  The glass is etched with the royal cypher of Kaiser Wilhelm II. Attached to the glass portion of the carafe is a most handsome silver handle and top which served to open and dispense liquid. The carafe is engraved with a dedication by his staff dated 28 August 1916. (Please continue to read to learn of the importance of this date)The carafe bears the hallmarking of the silversmith and is marked for .800 silver and has the silver guild markings as well.

Taking a closer look at the man who was presented this carafe, Hermann von Kuhl (1856-1958) lived more than one hundred years! He entered the German army in 1878 as a cadet. He progressed through the army and had several postings to the German Great General Staff. He was also a teacher at the war college.

In 1912 during the 25th anniversary of Kaiser Wilhelm II taking the German throne, Kuhl was ennobled by the Kaiser and he was promoted to Generalmajor and commanded the 25th Infanterie Brigade. His talents were quickly recognized and with the outbreak of WWI he was appointed Chief of Staff of the German 1st Armee under Generaloberst Alexander von Kluck. The army fought ably but von Kluck was replaced as was Generaloberst von Bülow who commanded the German 2nd Armee less ably than von Kluck and which resulted in the failure to capture Paris. An Armee-Gruppe was formed under Bavarian Crown Prince, Armee-Gruppe Ruprecht and von Kuhl was appointed his Chief of Staff. Von Kuhl would remain with Ruprecht until the end of the war and was ultimately promoted to General der Infanterie before going into retirement in 1919.

Von Kuhl was a highly decorated officer both from Prussia and Bavaria. He received the Orden Pour le Mérite on 28 August 1916 (It was for this event that his staff presented him this carafe.) He would receive the Oak Leaves to the Pour le Mérite in 1918. He also received the Knights Cross of the Military Max Joseph Order which was the highest military award that Bavaria could offer. For Bavarians this award brought a knighthood. But as von Kuhl was already ennobled by Kaiser Wilhelm II this was not appropriate.
After the war von Kuhl became an author and lecturer on the failures of the German army during the Great War, concentrating on the failures of the push through Belgium to France. He was highly respected for his work and received the Orden Pour le Mérite for Science which continued to be awarded after the end of the war. He was one of only three military officers who received the two awards!

This is a lovely presentation item which was created when silver was still available for this purpose. Later in the war the supply of silver was greatly limited. Even Manfred von Richthofen was unable to find silver from his Berlin jeweler for his victory cups and halted the practice when a base metal was unacceptable. This is a historically important item. It has an impressive patina and has not been cleaned in decades.

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