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Prussia/Hannover Officer's Pickelhaube for Officer in Dragoner Rgt 16

Prussia/Hannover Officer's Pickelhaube for Officer in Dragoner Rgt 16

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Introducing the Prussia/Hannover Officer's Pickelhaube: A Pristine Relic

Behold this exceptional spiked helmet, a true gem among officer pickelhaubes, hailing from the esteemed 2. Hannoversches Dragoner-Regiment Nr 16. This regiment, founded in 1813, bore witness to the tumultuous Napoleonic wars and played a significant role in the historic Battle of Waterloo. Following the Austro-Prussian War of 1866, Hannover was annexed by Prussia, absorbing Braunschweig, a vassal state of Hannover. The regiment found its home in Lüneburg and was assigned to the X. Armeekorps, solidifying its place in Prussian history.

Crafted with precision, this spike helmet features a supple leather body or skull, embodying timeless elegance. Noteworthy is the squared front visor, a distinctive characteristic befitting the Dragoner-Regiments. The wappen, cruciform, pearl ring, spike, and front and rear visor trim boast an elegant silver hue, emanating an air of prestige. Complementing these elements are the brass chin scales and officer stars, adding a touch of regal sophistication. Drawing attention to the wappen, one cannot miss the prominent "Waterloo" bandeau, signifying the regiment's momentous contribution to history. Kaiser Wilhelm II restored this esteemed battle honor in 1897, paying homage to the former Hannoverian regiments. Rest assured, both the State and Reich officer kokarden proudly adorn this remarkable piece.

Now, let us explore the interior, where craftsmanship meets comfort. A lightly used brown leather sweatband greets us, exuding a sense of authenticity. Attached to this is a mint-conditioned cream-colored silk liner, providing a touch of luxury and opulence. Beneath the silk liner, all the original hardware remains intact, a testament to the helmet's pristine preservation. Of utmost importance, there are no double holes where the wappen connects to the leather body, ensuring the helmet's integrity.

Embrace the opportunity to acquire this 100% original pickelhaube, impeccably preserved and in excellent condition. Such a remarkable find is a rarity that will captivate enthusiasts and collectors alike.
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