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Derrittmeister Militaria

Prussia Kugelhelm for Officer Pre 1890

Prussia Kugelhelm for Officer Pre 1890

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This is a very high quality kugelhelm for a Prussian officer. The leather body of the helmet is in excellent condition. It is smooth and problem free. It is quite striking for a Kugelhelm that dates to prior to 1890.

All the furniture is in brass. This includes the chinscales, wappen, base, pearl ring, kugel (which is not removable not surprising for a helmet which predates 1890), and helmet trim. The correct state and reich kokarden are in place. Prior to 1897 helmets would have had the state kokarde as the reich kokarde was not introduced until 1897.

Turning to the interior we see a bit of a surprise. Instead of the typical leather sweatband and silk liner, we see an Enlisted man style leather liner complete with the multiple leather tongues. All of the leather tongues are present, but the sizing leather thong is not. This is no a great surprise as silk liners did not become commonplace until the post 1897 era. This was a thrifty officer who was comfortable with existing liner and saw no need to purchase a new helmet when all he need do was add the Reich kokarde.

This is a beautifully conditioned Kugelhelm and is actually a rarity. This officer had served for years in the artillery and knew how to take care of the equipment which he had purchased with his hard earned money.

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