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Prussia Kugelhelm Reserve Officer Feldartillerie - With "FRW" Wappen

Prussia Kugelhelm Reserve Officer Feldartillerie - With "FRW" Wappen

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Introducing the Reserve Officer's Kugelhelm: A Timeless Relic

Step back in time with this authentic Reserve Officer's Kugelhelm, meticulously crafted for elite regiments such as Feldartillerie-Regiment Prinz August von Preußen (1. Litthauisches) Nr 1, 1. Pommersches Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr 2, Feldartillerie-Regiment General Feldzügmeister (1. Brandenburgisches) Nr 3, or Feldartillerie-Regiment von Peucker (1. Schlesisches) Nr 6. It's important to note that the distinctive wappen-style was exclusively adorned by these four distinguished regiments, making this kugelhelm a rare and coveted piece of history.

There are several compelling reasons why I acquired this remarkable kugelhelm. Firstly, the distinctive wappen symbolizes its rich historical significance, as mentioned earlier. Additionally, this helmet stands out due to its unique construction material—fiber. During the early 20th century, fiber was an innovative substance, indicating that this kugelhelm was no ordinary choice. Offering a lustrous high-gloss finish, the fiber material surpasses traditional leather helmets in terms of visual appeal. Even after hours of meticulous polishing, the common leather helmets fail to match the mirror-like luster of a fiber helmet. In many ways, a fiber helmet resembles the elegance of patent leather, which remains a staple in formal wear to this day. Hence, our kugelhelm boasts an exceptionally glossy appearance.

It's worth noting that fiber, like fiberglass, is susceptible to cracking, although typically less severe than the drying-out cracks found in leather helmets. On the left side of the helmet, a narrow elliptical circular stress fracture extends from the wappen to the rear trim. Apart from this minor flaw, the wappen itself exhibits exquisite frosted gilt craftsmanship. All the helmet's fittings feature a splendid gilt finish, with the exception of the silver reserve officer's cross. Adorning the cross below the king's cypher is the motto "Für Gott und Vaterland," which is correctly placed for reserve officers' helmets. The reserve officer's cross also bears the date 1813, adding another layer of historical significance. The remaining fittings are in pristine condition, including both the officer and Reich's kokarden, which are impeccably preserved.

Delving into the kugelhelm's interior, we encounter an intriguing combination of fine details. The supreme-quality leather sweatband is adorned with rare and intricate high stitching embellishments, showcasing the attention to detail lavished upon this piece. Adding to its uniqueness, the liner is made of green silk, differing from the typical heavier silk weave often found in helmets. This delicate silk is incredibly thin, allowing for the visible watermark imprinted on its surface. Although the silk liner displays signs of wear with sections missing and tearing, its rarity is still captivating, as such variations are seldom seen. Rest assured, all original hardware remains intact, and the helmet's size, denoted as "57," is neatly penciled in.

Elevate your collection with this exceptional Reserve Officer's Kugelhelm—a true testament to the Prussian Army's legacy. Experience the historical allure and fine craftsmanship that has withstood the test of time.
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