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Prussia M-1915 Litewka - Leutnant

Prussia M-1915 Litewka - Leutnant

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Step into history with the M-1915 Litewka, a highly sought-after and widely used feldgrau tunic during the mid to late years of World War I. This distinguished garment stands out with its double row of buttons, featuring exquisite silver buttons in this specific instance.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, we believe this tunic was created around 1915, evident in the superior quality of the feldgrau material used. The front of the tunic exudes a sense of understated elegance, showcasing twelve silver buttons (six on each side) and delicate red trim adorning the collar and sleeves. Additionally, it boasts two flap pockets, adding both style and functionality. The shoulder boards, denoting the rank of a Prussian Leutnant, are skillfully sewn in place and secured with silver buttons. On the reverse side, a small vent flap without trim adds to the tunic's sleek design.

Unlocking its secrets, the interior reveals a complete officer silk lining, meticulously tailored for comfort and durability. A generously sized pocket on the left side offers convenient storage options. Notably, the liner bears ink stamping, indicating its previous association with either a museum or a collection, further adding to its historical significance.

Overall, the tunic is in very good condition, with minor moth damage observed on the left sleeve, above and below the red trim band.

Experience a remarkable piece of history with this clean and presentable M-1915 Litewka, capturing the essence of an era defined by World War I.


This rare and historically significant M-1915 Litewka is a must-have for any collector of World War I militaria.

  • Distinguished by its double row of silver buttons
  • Crafted with exceptional quality from superior feldgrau material
  • Features subtle red trim on the collar and sleeves
  • Boasts two flap pockets for practicality
  • Expertly sewn shoulder boards denoting the rank of a Prussian Leutnant
  • Meticulously designed interior with full officer silk lining
  • Spacious pocket on the left side for convenient storage
  • Ink stamped liner indicating previous association with a museum or collection
  • In very good condition with minor moth damage

This M-1915 Litewka is a true piece of history and a must-have for any collector.

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