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Prussia Pair of Oberleutnant's epaulettes for Regiment Bezerkskommando Nr 35

Prussia Pair of Oberleutnant's epaulettes for Regiment Bezerkskommando Nr 35

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Discover a rare treasure from Prussian military history with this remarkable pair of Oberleutnant's epaulettes for Regiment Bezerkskommando Nr 35. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Bezerkskommandos, which served as the vital link between reserve districts and recruit depots for incoming army soldiers throughout Germany. District 35 proudly represented Prussia, showcasing the region's esteemed military prowess.

These exquisite epaulettes feature a gold moon emblem, an iconic symbol synonymous with honor and distinction. Encased within the moon's borders, you'll find a pristine white/creme-colored fabric facing that adds an elegant touch to this historically significant artifact. Adorned on the facing is a large gilt "35" insignia, proudly displaying the regiment's identity, alongside an Oberleutnant's single gilt pip, signifying the rank of a lieutenant.

Turning the epaulettes over, you'll find a luxurious red felt covering the reverse side, providing a striking contrast to the emblem on the front. While some discoloration on the obverse due to age and minor soiling is present, these epaulettes remain in exceptional condition, meticulously preserved to retain their original allure.

To further enhance their historical authenticity, this remarkable pair of epaulettes comes with the original storage carton, ensuring the utmost protection and maintaining their significance for years to come. The carton includes the original tissue that was thoughtfully placed to safeguard these remarkable epaulets, showcasing the care and reverence bestowed upon such prestigious artifacts.

Whether you are an avid collector, a military history enthusiast, or someone captivated by the stories woven into each thread, these Oberleutnant's epaulettes for Regiment Bezerkskommando Nr 35 offer a unique opportunity to own a piece of Prussian military heritage. Unveil the past, embrace the legacy, and celebrate the dedication and bravery of those who once wore these symbols of honor.

Invest in this extraordinary pair of epaulettes today, and let them serve as a cherished testament to the remarkable history of Bezerkskommandos and the enduring legacy of Prussian military excellence.
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