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Prussia Pickelhaube / Spiked Helmet for an Reserve Officer in 2 Garde Dragoner Rgt

Prussia Pickelhaube / Spiked Helmet for an Reserve Officer in 2 Garde Dragoner Rgt

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This is a fine reserve officer pickelhaube from 2. Garde-Dragoner-Regiment Kaiserin Alexandra von Rußland. This regiment was formed in 1860 and garrisoned in Berlin where it was attached to the Garde-Korps.

The leather body of the helmet is in overall good condition. There is a bit of settling in the area of the cruciform which is not uncommon on pickelhaube with cruciform as opposed to the smaller circular bases which support the pearl ring and spike. It should also be mentioned that this helmet has a squared front visor which is correct for all Dragoner-Regiments.

The chin scales are brass as are the officer stars. All other furniture is silver to include the trim on the front visor, the back strap, cruciform, pearl ring, and spike. This leaves us with the wappen which has the Eagle with extra wide wings which extend to the Prussian and Reich kokarden. In the center of the wappen is a very handsome Garde Star mounted on a silver sunburst. The Garde Star is complete and the multi colored enamel is intact. Below the Garde Star is the large reserve officer cross.

The interior has a gently worn brown leather sweat band. Attached to that is a full silk liner which is a bit loose in one area from the sweat band. If the new owner desires this can be easily reattached but if not it is not detractive to the overall presentation of the helmet. Under the silk liner, all of the correct hardware is in place and there are no double holes where the wappen is attached.

This is an excellent example of a Garde-Dragoner spike helmet and is fairly priced.

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