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Derrittmeister Militaria

Prussia Pickelhaube / Spiked Helmet for General

Prussia Pickelhaube / Spiked Helmet for General

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Explore the prestigious world of pre-World War I German military artifacts with this exquisite Prussian General's Pickelhaube—a remarkable piece that complements the Prussian General à la Suite helmet also available in this update. This finely crafted helmet exudes elegance and bears the marks of a seasoned officer, providing a fascinating contrast to its contemporaries.

With a leather body (skull) in good overall condition, this Pickelhaube boasts an appealing squared front visor, a characteristic reserved for General Officers. Although displaying some minor leather-loss on the right rear section—revealing the material underneath—the helmet remains captivating with a one to one and a half-inch spot on the opposite side. Some settling at the point where the cruciform is attached is a common occurrence for helmets adorned with large cruciforms.

Enhanced by gilt-toned furniture, including the wappen, chin scales, trim, cruciform, officers' stars, and a fluted, tall spike, this helmet radiates regal charm. The Grenadier-style wappen stands out with extra wide wings extending to the kokarden's midpoints on either side. Rest assured, the correct State's and Reich's kokarden are meticulously in place.

Delving into the interior, a brown leather sweatband bears the marks of use, showcasing signs of perspiration stains. The silk liner, smooth in style rather than ribbed, is a rare feature often reserved for senior officers' helmets like this General's Pickelhaube. A rectangular rubber stamp, though partially crossed out with black ink, hints at the manufacturer's information, possibly overlapping with details about its original owner. Despite this, the liner remains in near excellent condition, with only a hint of a developed hole.

The helmet stands as a fine example with all the correct hardware intact, skillfully attached to the leather body with no extra holes. This meticulously consigned item presents a fair pricing for its historical significance and exceptional craftsmanship.

Own a piece of Prussian military history and immerse yourself in the legacy of distinguished officers with this splendid Prussian General's Pickelhaube—a prized addition to any collector's arsenal.
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