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Prussia Pickelhaube / Spiked Helmet for Reserve Officer in Pionier Bataillon

Prussia Pickelhaube / Spiked Helmet for Reserve Officer in Pionier Bataillon

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This is a Reserve Pionier Bataillon Officer’s pickelhaube from the Kingdom of Prussia. The helmet’s leather body is a little rougher than we prefer. We purchased it for two reasons. First, it is unusual to find this particular helmet for a member of the Reserves. Second, we were able to acquire it for a VERY interesting price (as you will discover at the end of our description).

The helmet reveals substantial cracking, and in one place, a piece of the leather is missing. If you can overlook its faults, however, the helmet is MORE than fairly-priced and constitutes a major bargain. Pionier pickelhauben are far more scarce than Infanterie examples (Prussia fielded twenty-three Pionier Bataillons). The fact that it is for a Reserve Officer makes it all the more attractive. Pionier pickelhauben are easily identifiable compared to Infanterie. Whereas Infanterie spiked helmets have all-brass furniture, Pionier examples boast silver-toned wappens, spike, trim, and so on, only their chin scales and officers stars are gilt-toned. This helmet’s silver-toned wappen displays a brass Reserve Officer’s cross that features the date “1813.” The correct state (Prussia) and Reich officer’s kokarden are in place.

The helmet’s interior features a well used, brown-leather sweatband. Its silk liner is also quite well used, with shredding on its surface. A fair amount of perspiration stains are also present. We have NO doubt that the helmet has seen significant use! Under the silk liner we see all of the original hardware, and no double holes where the wappen is mounted.

If this helmet were more in line condition-wise with what we generally offer you, it would easily be double the price. Thus, this pickelhaube is a remarkable value.

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