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Prussia - Pickelhaube / Spiked Helmet - Officer - 1. Garde Rgt Zu Fus - Semper Talis Bandeau

Prussia - Pickelhaube / Spiked Helmet - Officer - 1. Garde Rgt Zu Fus - Semper Talis Bandeau

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The most legendary infantry regiment is the 1. Garde-Regiment zu Fuß. It harkens to the days of the first great Prussian king Frederick the Great. It was founded in 1768 and was garrisoned in Potsdam where like all Garde-Regiments it was assigned to the Garde-Korps.

This pickelhaube is from that fabled regiment and as you will soon learn has something very special about it. The leather of the body which has a squared front visor (This is the only Prussian infantry regiment to have a squared front visor.) Is supple and problem free. All of the trim both on the front and rear is silver toned. This also includes the chinscales, spike base and pearl ring, and an absolutely stunning extra tall fluted spike. I have left the wappen for last as that is where our “surprise” is. The silver wappen has the extra wide spread wings which extend all the way to where the Prussian and reich kokarden are. There is a brass sunburst but much of this finish has gone to history. Mounted on that is the handsome Garde star with multi colored enamel which is unchipped and in fine condition. Our surprise is that above the Eagle we have the very rare “Semper Talis” bandeau. This bandeau was only worn by the I. Bataillone and Regimental staff officers.

This concludes our description of the exterior of the pickelhaube. As we look at the interior, we see a nicely conditioned brown leather sweatband. To that is an equally fine silk liner. There is just a spot of perspiration and the silk itself is fully intact with no damage. Under the silk liner we see one tab and washer around the area where the spike is secured.

This is an amazingly wonderful all original spike helmet from the most elite Battalion of the most elite regiment in the German army.

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