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Prussia Schirmmütze / Visor Cap for Officer in Kaiserliche Marine identified Hoffman

Prussia Schirmmütze / Visor Cap for Officer in Kaiserliche Marine identified Hoffman

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Introducing a rare find, the Kaiserliche Marine officer schirmmütze with a white top, ideal for summer wear. While the winter version with a dark blue top is more common, the white top is a sought-after treasure for collectors. This particular piece is in impeccable condition, with signs of wear and soiling on the white top indicating daily use, most likely at sea. The jaunty and unique design features floppy sides and a large officer cap badge with a handsome tarnish, providing a sense of authenticity and the impression of a man who spent considerable time at sea.

What sets this cap apart from others on the market is the original leather chinstrap, complete with the two correct crowned navy buttons, adding a sense of completeness to the piece. Upon lifting the sweatband, one will discover the name "Hoffmann" neatly printed, making this cap identified and a true gem for collectors.

Although the dark brown sweatband shows definite signs of use and perspiration, it is in complete condition, further adding to its authenticity. Unlike other caps that were used for official functions, this daily wear schirmütze was not intended for such occasions.

Despite its rarity, this identified naval officer summer schirmütze with a white top is priced reasonably, making it a solid value compared to other caps in the market that often suffer from mothing and other condition issues. This unique and well-preserved cap is sure to pique the interest of collectors and history enthusiasts alike.


The Kaiserliche Marine was the navy of the German Empire from 1871 to 1919. It was the third largest navy in the world, after those of Great Britain and the United States. The Kaiserliche Marine played a significant role in the naval arms race that preceded World War I and saw action in several naval battles during the war, including the Battle of Jutland.

The Kaiserliche Marine was commanded by the Kaiser, or German Emperor, and was organized into several fleets, including the High Seas Fleet and the Baltic Fleet. The navy also had a number of overseas colonies and naval bases.

The Kaiserliche Marine was disbanded following Germany's defeat in World War I and the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. Many of its ships were either scrapped or surrendered to the Allies as part of the terms of the treaty.

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