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Prussia Schirmütze / Visor Cap for NCO in Leib Husaren Rgt 1

Prussia Schirmütze / Visor Cap for NCO in Leib Husaren Rgt 1

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The NCO schirmütze offered today is a rare piece of history from the 1. Leib-Husaren-Regiment Nr 1, which was founded in 1741 and was garrisoned at Danzig-Langfuhr. This regiment was quite important, as Kaiser Wilhelm II was the Regimental Chef (Chief) and was actively involved with the regiment, often wearing the busby and uniform of the regiment in photographs. The Crown Prince Wilhelm also held rank in the regiment.

Another famous member of the regiment was Generalfeldmarschall August von Mackensen, who was the brigade commander of both regiments and was personally given command of 1. Leib-Husaren-Regiment Nr 1 by Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1893. Von Mackensen went on to become one of the most successful German generals of World War I, leading the Central Powers in the East and receiving numerous awards for his service, including the Orden Pour le Mérite and the Grand Cross of the Iron Cross.

The NCO schirmütze on offer today is primarily black and features a red felt wide band with white trim bands above and below, as well as a third white trim band at the top of the cap. The correct NCO state and reich kokarden are at the front, and a silver tone totenkopf unique to the two German-Husaren-Regiments sits between the two kokarden. The visor of the cap is black.

The interior of the schirmütze shows a well-used brown leather sweatband and a rough silk liner, complete and undamaged, showing where the man’s hair rested causing some perspiration stains. While the top of the cap shows some light moth tracking, the overall condition of the schirmütze is quite nice, making it a remarkable piece of history from one of the most famous and elite regiments in the German army.
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